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Understanding the Value of a 5-Star Medicare Advantage Plan


Experience 5-star treatment with PrimeTime Health Plan!

For 2024, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) awarded PrimeTime Health Plan as a 5-Star Medicare Advantage Plan. This rating is considered excellent by CMS. As a 5-star plan, members receive the highest in quality and service with their healthcare plan. There is even a special enrollment period where you can switch to our 5-star plan without penalty. Read more about how you can become part of our 5-star MA plan! Every year, Medicare evaluates plans based on a 5-star rating system.
MA Plans must meet the criteria outlined in quality and performance categories to receive the 5-star honor. Our members gave us this rating and information from providers, billing information and CMS’s plan monitoring. The chart shows how PrimeTime Health Plan rated out of 5 stars in each of these categories.

Why Choose a 5-Star Plan?

Each year, you perform checks to make sure everything is operating at a high level of quality. Examples include routine maintenance on your vehicle, checking your smoke detector batteries, and visiting your doctor for an annual check-up.

Are you due for a quality check on your Medicare Advantage Plan?

You deserve a high-quality, top-performing Medicare Advantage Plan that delivers the benefits, programs, and services you need to live a life of well-being.

PrimeTime Health Plan is a 5-Star Rated Medicare Advantage (MA) Plan for 2024 by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

What does a 5-Star MA Plan Mean?

On a rating scale of 1-5 stars, a 5-star rating is considered excellent. The score includes how well the plan serves its members through access to healthcare and an outstanding customer service experience.

If a MA Plan includes Part D prescription drug coverage, a 5-star rating means members have access to safe drugs at affordable prices.


Why PrimeTime Health Plan?

As a member of a 5-star plan, you receive the highest in quality and service with your healthcare.

With Medicare’s highest rating, you receive:

• Superior quality of care
• Outstanding customer service
• Individualized support to stay healthy
• Access & collaboration of medical providers
• Assistance from our live & local representatives


How can I join PrimeTime Health Plan?

You can enroll with PrimeTime Health Plan anytime during the 5-Star Special Enrollment Period (December 8, 2023 — November 30, 2024). There are no penalties for switching to PrimeTime Health Plan during this time if you’re unsatisfied with your current plan.

Want to learn more? Call one of our friendly representatives to get answers to your questions, set up a one-on-one appointment, or help you enroll today.


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Why do people choose PrimeTime Health Plans?

We believe that people choose PrimeTime Health Plan because of our person-to-person service, affordability and clinical care coordination team. Our members are like our family. Whether they call or stop by our offices, the PrimeTime Team is always ready to talk with them and help them understand their Medicare choices.

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