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2024 University Hospitals Medicare Advantage Plan by PTHP

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University Hospitals Medicare Advantage Plan by PTHP is here to provide you with the Medicare Advantage benefits you truly deserve. We take your healthcare personally and offer dedicated assistance navigating your Medicare Advantage options. We aim to bring you top-quality, affordable Medicare Advantage Plans and exceptional personalized service. When you choose UHMAP by PTHP, you'll always connect with a real person who truly cares about your well-being. 

We believe in the University Hospital's mission to Heal, Teach, and Discover and the care for our members converge with the science of health and the art of compassion. With excellence, diversity, integrity, compassion, and teamwork at our core, we are committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

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2024 University Hospitals Medicare Advantage Red Plan by PTHP

To access your Evidence of Coverage forms, click here 

The Evidence of Coverage includes information on:

· Enrollee rights & responsibilities

· Benefit restrictions outside of the network

· How to submit a claim for covered services

· How to obtain language/interpreter services

· Pharmacy Management Program information

· How and when to submit an appeal or complaint, including the independent appeals process

· Obtaining a Primary Care Physician (PCP), specialist, behavioral healthcare services and hospital services

· Services included and excluded from your coverage, including copayments and other charges for which members are responsible

· Emergency/urgent care services in or out of the network and during or after normal business hours, including an inpatient admittance  

As a valuable UHMAP by PTHP member, you have access to information regarding your health plan. Listed below, you will find the information available to you throughout the UHMAP by PTHP website.

Extensive Health Library, Interactive Self-Management Tools, Silver&Fit. Find health and wellness information on our website.

Explanation of Benefits. Find out how we paid your claims, including your out-of-pocket cost, and if claims have been received and are waiting to be processed. This information is only available by logging into your online account. Click here to login to your account.

Summary of Benefits. An overview of your benefits is available on our website.

Referral, Prior-Authorization, and Pre-Certification Guidelines. This includes information on how to submit a request for coverage and what services require pre-certification or prior authorization. Click here and select “Grievances, Coverage Determinations & Appeals.”        

Web-Based Searchable Provider Directory. Our searchable provider directories include information about our network of healthcare professionals. You can search by network, specialty, name, hospital affiliation, languages spoken, gender, zip code, county, and whether or not they are accepting new patients. Click here to visit our provider directory.

Pharmacy Information. You have access to the pharmacy directory, formularies, recall information, and prior-authorization/step therapy/quantity limit information. Click here to find this information.

Forms. Enrollment forms, HIPAA release of information form, forms for submitting coverage determinations, and prescription mail order forms are available by clicking here.  

Quality Program Outcomes. You can see health plan performance outcomes on clinical and consumer satisfaction metrics, information on the health plan’s accreditation and a year-end quality evaluation summary. Click here to find this information.

Notice of Privacy Policies. Click here to find this information.

National Coverage Determinations. Throughout the year, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) may issue notifications of additional services covered by the Medicare program or clarifications of existing covered services. These notifications are called National Coverage Determinations (NCDs). Click here to find this information.

Contact Information. Information on how to email or contact PrimeTime Health Plan is available by clicking here. Hearing impaired and language assistance contact information can also be found online.  

Did you know we have Care Coordination programs available at no additional cost to you? Care Coordination programs help you maintain or begin a healthy lifestyle and manage any chronic or complex conditions you may have. Through these programs and outreach, we encourage you to visit your doctor for an annual physical exam and recommended check-ups. These are just a few of the programs we offer to you at no additional cost:

• One-on-one health coaching with a registered nurse, including evidence-based educational materials

• Interactive programs including:

Congestive Heart Failure Program- A tele-monitoring program for members with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) that allows one of our Care Coordinators to monitor your daily weight readings and symptoms and communicate with your provider and you to report issues and prevent hospital admissions.

Diabetic Program- A tele-monitoring program for members with diabetes that allows one of our Care Coordinators to monitor your daily blood sugar readings and symptoms and communicate with you and your provider to report issues and prevent hospital admissions.

COPD Program- A tele-monitoring program for members with COPD that allows one of our Care Coordinators to monitor your pulse ox readings and symptoms and communicate with you and your provider to report issues and prevent hospital admissions.

Behavioral Health Education- A program that provides education, resources and support through outreach to members with behavioral health diagnoses with the goal to improve your self-management or mental health and improve overall outcomes and utilization of services.

Stroke Prevention Program- A program to assist you with a high risk for stroke by providing health coaching and education to help identify symptoms, know when to seek medical attention, prevent hospital and ED utilization, and statin medication compliance.

Diabetes Prevention Education- Provides monthly educational materials on how to help lower the risk of becoming diabetic. The materials incorporate tips for healthy eating and exercise and help individuals understand factors that may trigger unhealthy habits. The first 6 months of the program focus on decreasing weight/BMI by 5-7% and encouraging participation in an exercise program with physician approval. Fitness goals include working towards 150 minutes of weekly activity. The second 6 months focus on education to help maintain weight loss and motivation.

Case Management- A program that offers Case Management services to help assist with both complex and basic needs to navigate through the healthcare continuum.

Care Coordination Program- Focuses on providing patient-centered, accessible, comprehensive, and coordinated care. Care Coordination nurses connect with members over the phone or face-to-face for as long as needed. Education is offered to those dealing with chronic and acute conditions, along with additional information and resources to ensure members’ needs are met. They offer education on the importance of age and gender preventive screenings, appropriate utilization of services, and education on how to navigate the healthcare system. The Care Coordination team of nurses is available on-site at many Primary Care Provider offices and is the link between members, providers, and the health plan.

Smoking Cessation Assistance- Assist by listening, giving advice and tips, and motivating you to kick the habit. To reach the Wellness Smoking Cessation Coach, please call 330-363-3281 or for The Ohio Tobacco Quit Line counseling services, call 1-800-QUIT-NOW. To learn more about these programs, visit our webpage dedicated to these services by clicking here.

There is no current drug information.

UHMAP by PTHP encourages anyone with knowledge of suspected instances of non-compliance and/or fraud, waste, and abuse to report this information. Please know this information can be reported anonymously and without fear of retaliation. Every effort is made to maintain confidentiality. To report unethical behavior, policy violations, suspected fraud, waste, or abuse anonymously and confidentially, contact our Compliance/FWA hotline toll-free at 1-866-307-3528 or log onto:

UHMAP by PTHP investigates all requests for coverage of new technology using a medical technology assessment company as a guideline. If additional information is needed, we utilize sources including, but not limited to Medicare and Medicaid policies and Food and Drug Administration releases of any current medical peer review literature.

This information is reviewed and evaluated by our medical director and other physician advisors in order to determine if a new technology is appropriate for coverage under your plan. Members may request a certain new technology be investigated for coverage by contacting Utilization Management or Pharmacy.

UHMAP by PTHP communicates your appeal rights in many ways to ensure each member understands their rights. Your plan documents, your Explanation of Benefits, and a benefit denial letter describe your appeal rights as a PrimeTime Health Plan member. Members are granted the same first level of appeal rights or internal review. If you initiate a first-level appeal and we uphold our original decision, your resolution letter will outline your additional appeal rights, which may include external review rights. Your rights vary depending on state and federal laws.

UHMAP by PTHP has Care Coordination programs available at no additional cost to our members. Care Coordination programs help you maintain or begin a healthy lifestyle and help manage your chronic or complex conditions.

• You have access to speak with Utilization Management staff members Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to
4:30 pm.

• Staff members are able to receive inbound communication regarding Utilization Management issues after normal business hours via voicemail or fax.

• Utilization Management staff typically send outbound communication regarding Utilization Management inquiries and requests during normal business hours.

• Utilization Management staff members will identify themselves by name, title, & organization when initiating or returning calls regarding Utilization Management issues.

• TTY/Hearing impaired and language assistance is available for members or providers who require these services.

Utilization Management decisions are based on the appropriateness of care and services as well as eligibility and coverage of requested services. PrimeTime Health Plan does not reward practitioners or other individuals for issuing denials of coverage or service of care and there are no financial incentives for Utilization Management decision makers that result in underutilization. The specific criteria used in decisions are available to you at no cost by contacting Utilization Management and a physician, nurse, or pharmacist reviewer is available to discuss Utilization Management denial decisions.

For more information on your appeal rights, you can review your plan document, Explanation of Benefits, benefit denial letter, appeal resolution letter or contact UHMAP by PTHP customer service for a copy of your appeal procedure at 216-535-4014 or toll-free 1-833-954-0483 (TTY 711).

Customer Service
Monday – Friday | 8:00 am – 8:00 pm (October 1-March 31, also available Saturday and Sunday)
216-535-40141-833-954-0483 | (TTY 711)*
Claim status, benefits, eligibility, status of referrals/pre-certifications/prior authorizations 

Utilization Management
Monday – Friday | 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
330-363-6360 | 1-800-344-8858
Request referrals/prior authorizations/pre-certifications 

Monday – Friday | 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
330-363-6360 | 1-800-344-8858
Request prior authorizations or exceptions 

Case Management
Monday – Friday | 7:30 am – 4:30 pm
330-363-6360 | 1-800-344-8858
Inquiries and referrals to Case Management programs 

Disease Management
Monday – Friday | 7:30 am – 4:30 pm
Inquiries and referrals to Disease Management programs

Too busy to call us?

You may also email us 24 hours a day 7 days a week at by clicking on >"I am looking for" > "An Answer to my question (Contact Us)" link at the top of the website homepage. You will receive a response within 1 business day of your inquiry.

* We understand that some of our members have special communication needs. We will provide a translator or hearing impaired services (TTY) to those members who are in need. If you require these services, please contact our service center at the numbers provided, and we will gladly assist you (for hearing-impaired members, please use the TTY number indicated for Customer Service).  

The top rating possible for 2023!

Get 5-star treatment with PrimeTime Health Plan. Every year Medicare rates plans, with the number of stars showing how well a plan performs based on member feedback and data from members, doctors, and hospitals. For 2023, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) awarded PrimeTime Health Plan a 5-star rating.

As CMS puts it, “More stars mean a better plan — for example, members may get better care and better, faster customer service.


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U.S. News & World Report also analyzed plans in each state and rated PrimeTime one of the Best Insurance Companies for Medicare Advantage and prescription drug coverage in the entire nation for 2023.
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