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Diabetes eDUCATION

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Are you a newly diagnosed diabetic?

> An easy to use monitoring device will be sent directly to your home. This device collects your blood glucose level and it sends your results to your assigned personal nurse.

• Are you struggling to get your diabetes under control? Is your A1c where you would like it to be?

> With participation in the program, your results are monitored and specific trends can be identified. The data can be shared with your physicians as needed, or on your appointment days for records of your blood glucose readings.

• Are you having difficulty understanding how and when to take your diabetic medications?

> Throughout the tele-monitoring program,you will have exclusive access to education materials to help you understand all aspects of your diabetes.

You have access to this
tele-monitoring program
and we want you to
experience its benefits.


Call the PrimeTime Health Plan Service Center to speak with
a Health Coach.

1-800-577-5084 | TTY: 711
Last updated: 9/16/19
Reviewed: 9/16/2021