Meet Your PrimeTime Health Plan Sales Team

Chuck Cheton
"I know sometimes Medicare can be confusing. That’s why I enjoy helping people better understand Medicare and all of their options."

-Chuck Cheton, PTHP

"As our members approach Medicare eligibility, they are sometimes overwhelmed with choices and decisions. I find it rewarding to advise our members and help them sort out their wants and needs - keeping their best interest in mind."

-Trisha Witts, PTHP
Trisha Witts

Debbie Banal
“I enjoy making Medicare choices easier to understand and navigate and enjoy the one on one service that we can offer.”

–Debbie Banal, PTHP

"As a local company, I enjoy when folks walk through our doors to visit us. It is always rewarding to meet with people one-on-one to discuss the Medicare options that best fit their lifestyle."

-Denise Fogle, PTHP
Denise Fogle

Last updated: 10/1/2015